Our Partnership Approach

The key to OSS low cost technology solutions is our PARTNERSHIP APPROACH.

We share the risk of setting up complex technology solutions with you, at considerably less initial outlay than with conventional technology operators.

Initial development is typically at our base cost, with shared risk rewarded with shared return. IP is securely held and confidential and we are always happy to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before we begin discussions.

We have several successful models from joint ownership of the system to jointly owned operating companies.

Our experienced and successful system development team have created and manage systems for many clients in the UK, Europe, Southern Africa and Australsia.

We have global solutions to global opportunities.

Don’t just take our word for it, ask our partners:

“The team is good to work with: they contribute to the commercial outcomes as much as they do to the technical outcomes and have always delivered to expectations re time, cost and quality.”CEO – HR Services

One of our recently launched projects is WYGU. The site was built from concept to beta launch in around 5 months using our approach to rapid system development. The current site can be viewed at:

What do you want to be When You Grow Up? Find your perfect career match at WYGU is a social careers guidance and mentoring platform that helps you to find your perfect career, or help others find theirs’.

Work with us in an OSS partnership

OSS will build a technology partnership with your business

To create multi-channel opportunities we offer an on-going relationship with your business at a significantly reduced operating cost. This gives your customers a consistent, secure and reliable service experience, with opportunities for increased profits.

Our partnership approach with your business reduces the technology start up costs, and shares the risk with a proven technology partner. Your technology cost will be much lower than the typical cost of updating and improving your current technology. The overall result is significantly reduced operating and fulfilment costs with a much improved customer experience.

Our partners say:

“We found OSS’s professional and thorough approach to understanding our goals, gave us additional validation of our project which was further enhanced when they wanted to join as our technology partner and provider. This has proved to be a win-win result! “Business Development Manager- Media

“The partnership approach has resulted in critical systems up and running in much less time and cost than other approaches that have been tried. The OSS development process is well engineered and allows it to be highly flexible to changing and meeting requirements.”Head of Operations – Social Media

OSS provides security, reliability and resilience through our proven and flexible system architecture. You will have access to a scalable resource capability at a competitive price developed by a proven process that is highly resilient and effective.

We recognise the importance of the highest security so our principles of partnership are informed by complete security of data- we are PCIDSS* compliant.

PCIDSS*Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards