Are you an entrepreneur?

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Realise your great idea with the help of OSS. If you have a really great idea for a business share it with us – we are looking to invest in exciting new businesses which we can support and nurture.

As a software company we are always looking for new businesses that will benefit from the services that we offer. We are also looking to help new businesses of all types grow and prosper.

As entrepreneurs ourselves we have experience and expertise to share – why not send us your pitch?

We read, discuss and consider every serious pitch. We take confidentiality very seriously. Click here to view our confidentiality form (Non Disclosure Agreement) and to read how we secure each project’s business confidentiality.

It says we guarantee not to discuss your idea with anyone outside OSS, without your approval. In return we ask you to respect our business confidentiality and not discuss our ideas with other businesses. Tick the box below to confirm you have read the NDA and are happy to proceed as per the terms described. We will ask you send a completed NDA when you return your Elevator pitch.

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